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CATARTSYS provides tailor-made technical solutions and produces 3D content for training / learning platforms, whether civilian or military.
CATARTSYS provides tailor-made technical solutions and produces 3D content for training / learning platforms, whether civilian or military.

3D Engines

CATARTSYS supports you in your technical choices and their implementation while meeting your visual requirements.


Creation of behaviors and programming of artificial intelligences intended for the scenarios of your simulator.


Ability to work on many 3D engines on the market and programming languages.


Remotely or on site: correction of anomalies, help in the creation of algo / scripts and integration of deliverables.


Use of the best available technologies in order to obtain the maximum graphics capabilities of the target 3D engine.

Virtual BattleSpace 3
Presagis Vega Prime
Unreal Engine
Unity 3D Engine

3D Modeling

CATARTSYS produces high quality 3D content respecting the technical constraints related to target engines.


We make it a point of honor to respect the dimensions in the case of a realistic reproduction.


Our production requirements allow us to obtain high quality models using proven techniques.


Our models benefit from an optimization of the number of polygons for each LOD.


The models are delivered in the desired formats and can be configured to be integrated into the 3D engine of your choice.

Presagis Creator
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3DS Max
Substance by Adobe

3D Environments

CATARTSYS offers you the creation of geospecific or geotypic land and interiors.

Large spaces

Thanks to our mastery of large databases, we are able to create terrain for land, air or sea simulations.


We create terrain with projected satellite imagery corresponding to the required granularity thanks to our mastery of GIS (geographic information system).


Our technical choices upstream / downstream of projects allow efficient use of the terrain produced regardless of the 3D engine used.


Whatever environment is created, we are concerned about facilitating integration for our customers by preparing deliverables.

Houdini Engine
Presagis Terra Vista
Bohemia Terra Tools
Virtual BattleSpace 3
Global Mapper

Our Philosophy

  • CATARTSYS relies on experts, trained, passionate and motivated to innovate and contribute to the success of your projects, in particular those requiring specific and advanced expertise.
  • The continuous training of our experts allows us to offer our customers innovative and sustainable solutions. This knowledge of advanced technologies and our ability to implement them in your projects contribute to the quality of the realization.
  • We favor an agile methodology favoring the execution of tasks in the form of short iterations and adaptable to the specificities of your projects. We also prioritize the list of tasks together in order to meet your objectives.
  • Placing the individual at the center of our attention, fostering a team spirit, listening to our employees and constantly questioning ourselves in order to improve ourselves, this is our wish.

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